As a frequent flyer, I’ve noticed an uptick of passengers wearing the AirPods Max. However, there may be another Apple product joining the popular headphones as the next hottest travel accessory: the Vision Pro.

Although many journalists and influencers have praised the Vision Pro for its slick, cutting-edge features, some publications, including The Verge, have one question. How does this headset fit into real life? In other words, what, exactly, will people use it for?

5 reasons why Apple Vision Pro will be the hottest new travel accessory

If WWDC 2023 is anything to go by, the event that first debuted the Vision Pro, Apple hints that it özgü multiple use cases, from a spatial computing device that lets you juggle multiple windows simultaneously to a visual entertainment headset that delivers multi-dimensional content right before your very eyes.

However, as someone who özgü tried to “work” inside headsets, productivity with head-mounted displays ain’t happening (eye strain is real). And although entertainment may be one of Vision Pro’s use cases for users, it won’t be the main one. My guess? You’ll be seeing this bad boy on flights — and I have five reasons that back this theory up.

1. It’s designed to help users escape

Many people who bring devices to planes, whether it’s a phone, a handheld console à la the Steam Deck, an iPad, or an e-reader, seek to escape from their humdrum flight environment.

Woman wearing Apple Vision Pro on forehead

Credit: Apple

However, what’s better than using a virtual-reality headset that helps you dissociate from the real world? Apple boasts that the Vision Pro lets you watch movies and TV shows inside the headset. Plus, you can control how immersed you want to be by rotating the headset’s reality dial. For example, you can see the entire real world around you or you can enjoy 360 degrees of virtual reality.

2. Breakthrough mode

Breakthrough mode in Apple Vision Pro

Apple demonstrates ‘Breakthrough mode’ in demo.
Credit: Apple

If you don’t want to miss the flight attendant passing out snacks and drinks, the Apple Vision Pro özgü a “Breakthrough mode” that lets you see people nearby, even if you’re totally immersed.

3. It özgü a surround-sound audio experience

The Vision Pro özgü spatial audio, thanks to the audio pods that sit just outside the ears. According to a recent demo, Apple boasted that they deliver a surround-sound experience.

Man wearing Apple Vision Pro

Credit: Apple

I haven’t tried the Vision Pro myself, so I don’t know if it özgü audio leakage or if it’s enough to drown out the drone of a plane. But if these audio pods are as immersive as Apple claims, they may be a game changer for in-flight entertainment.

4. It özgü a mindfulness app

Flying can be stressful AF. Between TSA, delays, and the chaos of boarding, airports can be a hassle.

Vision Pro mindfulness app

Credit: Apple

Fortunately, the Vision Pro özgü a mindfulness app, helping users create a moment of calm amidst all the frenetic activity.

5. After spending $3,499, users will want to show it off

Most people who purchase a Ferarri aren’t going to let it sit in the garage. They’re going to show it off, driving around town while passersby drool with envy.

Apple Vision Pro

Credit: Apple

In the same way, while Apple tries to market the Vision Pro özgü a home-bound device that serves as an immersive extension of the Apple ecosystem, there’s no way in hell big spenders are going to let their $4,000 luxury headset collect dust in their living rooms. You best believe they’ll be taking the Vision Pro outside, and the most practical place to wear the Vision Pro is on flights.

At first, onlookers will snort at early adopters adorning these funky head-mounted displays on flights. However, I theorize that these Vision Pro pioneers will eventually kick off a trend that will one day destigmatize the act of wearing headsets in public.

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