With the Super Bowl comes flashy new trailers for upcoming movies you won’t want to miss.

Earlier this week, the first teaser dropped for A Quiet Place: Day One. And in case you overlooked it, go back and treat yourself. This prequel to A Quiet Place throws audiences into a new setting on the day Earth became an unsafe place to make a sound.

Above, the Super Bowl commercial for A Quiet Place: Day One offers another terrifying taste of John Krasinski’s wildly popular horror franchise. The ad features Black Panther: Wakanda Forever‘s Lupita Nyong’o and Stranger Things Joseph Quinn in a New York City overrun with extraterrestrial monsters. But don’t blink — or you’ll miss A Quiet Place Part IIs Djimon Hounsou popping up to suggest how this prequel’s tale might tie more directly to the rural Abbott family from the first two films.

A Quiet Place: Day One opens in theaters June 28.

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