SAVE $100: The Amazon Kindle Scribe (64GB) with Premium Pen is just $319.99 at Amazon, down from the regular price of $419.99. That’s a 24% discount.

If you’ve ever wished you could write in the margins of this month’s book club novel, an e-reader with the ability to write over text could be your newest essential device. Thanks to today’s deal at Amazon, you could get a great deal on a top-of-the-line e-reader.

As of March 27, the Amazon Kindle Scribe (64GB) with Premium Pen is $319.99, down from the typical list price of $419.99. That’s a savings of $100 or a 24% discount.

The Scribe’s screen measures 10.2 inches — the largest of all the Kindle offerings — and is twice as large as the Kindle Paperwhite. Instead of serving as just an e-reader, the Kindle Scribe is also a digital notebook, allowing you to use the tablet to make to-do lists, write up documents, take notes during a meeting, or write in the margins of this month’s book club choice. Should you wish to share meeting or lecture notes, you can easily convert the document into text and send it via email to colleagues or classmates.

The glare-free screen comes in handy when sitting in brightly lit conference rooms or enjoying a book on a sunny afternoon in the park. The Kindle Scribe also excels in battery life, getting up to 13 weeks of use before you’ll need to recharge, which Amazon says is the longest battery life of any Kindle device.

Turn on landscape orientation and you’ll be able to read two pages of a book side-by-side should you prefer to turn pages less often (or get more of that book feel). The 64GB version is the largest storage available for this edition, so you’ll have ample room to store your library of favorites.

If using a multi-functional e-reader sounds like it could add convenience to your life, today’s sale price on the Kindle Scribe (64GB) with Premium Pen could be your cup of tea.