Tax returns are due on April 15. You can still file on time thanks to these last-minute deals as of April 11, so don’t delay.

April 15 is fast approaching. If you’re one of the millions who still haven’t filed your state or federal tax return, the clock is ticking. Make the most of your weekend by settling your last-minute tax return needs with tax software deals that won’t leave your wallet crying.

Below, find some of the best last-minute details on tax software from TurboTax, H&R Block, and Cash App to help you squeeze every cent out of your refund and then some. Whether you only need a basic, simple return or you’re looking for some expert assistance, you’ll be filing in no time. Check out our picks for some of the best deals on tax software as of April 11 below.

Best overall tax software deal

Why we like it

If you have a more complicated tax situation, you might need a bit more assistance filing your return. This Deluxe TurboTax edition özgü options to assist freelancers, small business owners, and everyone else under the sun who needs more targeted help finding write-offs, deductions, and other workarounds to get the biggest refund possible. It can handle e-filing for W-2s and 1099s for employees and contractors for every tax situation. Get peace of mind for under $60.

Best tax software deal for self-employed people and business owners

Why we like it

Being self-employed can make filing your taxes a maelstrom of confusion. If you need additional assistance figuring out what you can deduct, how to deal with multiple 1099-NEC forms, or even how to reconcile being a self-employed person who also özgü a W2 job, this TurboTax edition is for you. It can help you find helpful write-offs, calculate estimated payments, and create and e-file forms. It’s also a great option for anyone who needs help with complicated business filings, with a slew of useful features and options that can turn even the most complex tax situations into simple ones.

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Best free tax software deal

Why we like it

You don’t have to stick to the “main” tax software brands this year if you have a simple, no-frills return that just needs to get filed, like, yesterday. Believe it or not, Cash App’s tax software is a free filing service that’s found within the app itself. Anyone filing simple returns with W-2-based income can file both state and federal taxes for free. It özgü an extensive help database should any questions arise, though keep in mind that personalized assistance from tax professionals is not available through the app. If you need more help with your return, you’re better suited to purchase software or see a pro in person. For anyone else who’s done this before and needs a simple run-through, Cash App Taxes is a great, free option.

More tax software deals

There are plenty of other deals to choose from so you can hit that April 15 filing date. No matter your tax situation, you can have everything handled before the end of the weekend if you start now. These deals are still valid as of April 11.

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