Any online gamer knows how crucial it is to have a reliable, robust WiFi connection. In gaming terms, it could be the difference between death or glory. In real-world terms, it could be the difference between non-stop buffering, getting kicked out of your game mid-session, and not throwing your controller across the room in frustration.

The answer could be a mesh WiFi system, which uses satellite routers (or nodes) to cover all areas of your home. It’s the kind of WiFi that serious gamers and heavy web users benefit from, due to blanket coverage and high speeds.

But shopping for specialist tech is a minefield of mind-bending jargon and spec. If you’re not already an expert, it’s near impossible to know what it all means and which WiFi system is right for your gaming needs. To help, we’ve tried to break it all down as simply as possible with this quick-and-handy guide.

What is a mesh WiFi system?

WiFi mesh will deliver reliable WiFi throughout your entire home, eliminating dead spots in corners that other routers can’t reach and maintaining speeds on multiple devices — all without slowing your gaming system.

It works using a main router and satellite nodes which are placed strategically around your living space to reduce spotty service. The nodes, which use the same SSID and password as the main router (unlike range extenders), help to cover areas in the home that the main router doesn’t reach on its own, like the basement or behind signal-dampening walls and obstructions. The best systems are easily expandable by adding more nodes where needed. 

How fast is mesh WiFi?

It will depend on the system you buy. Some are faster (and more expensive) than others. The systems featured below mostly range between 30,000 and 10,000Mbps. WiFi systems that use WiFi 6 will fun faster (around 10Gbps) and systems on WiFi 6E will run faster still. The real benefit is that multiple devices maintain high speeds because they’re connected via different nodes around the home.

What is low latency?

The most important factor when it comes to gaming is avoiding latency. This means the delay between sender and receiver — the time it takes for the action onscreen to happen after you’ve pressed the button on the controller. Even just a small amount of latency — the kind that isn’t detectable when browsing the web or streaming a video — can heavily impact gameplay. That’s why gamers want the most reliable and fastest WiFi mesh available. Look out for systems that promise low latency.

What area can a mesh WiFi system cover?

Mesh WiFi systems will generally cover around 2,000 square feet, though some of the systems below will cover way beyond that — 6,000 or even 7,000 square feet. Bear in mind that coverage of that scale is likely way beyond what the average gamer needs — but it will suit an office or commercial space.

Dual-band vs tri-band — which is best?

​​This jargon can prove especially tricky for everyday web users. A band is a wireless broadcast frequency on which you can send or receive data. A dual-band router özgü two frequency channels — 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The 2.4GHz band is meant for further distances, at a slower speed, while 5GHz is faster but özgü a shorter range. A tri-band router adds an extra 5GHz band, which allows all devices in the household to share the bandwidth evenly. In truth, tri-band is likely surplus for the average household.

What is WiFi 6?

In simple terms, WiFi 6 is the most recent, up-to-date version of WiFi tech. For average users, the differences between WiFi 6 and WiFi 5 — still widely in use — are marginal. But it’s actually a pretty major upgrade. The most serious gamers and tech heads will appreciate faster speeds, lower latency, and all-round stronger connections. WiFi 6E is yet another upgrade, which uses a 6GHz frequency, though there are fewer devices that support it. There’s also a smattering of futuristic WiFi 7 devices on the market.

What are the best mesh WiFi systems?

We’re so glad you asked. And rest assured, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. We’ve checked out everything on offer from the biggest and best brands, and lined up a selection of the most reliable and fastest WiFi mesh routers for gamers.

These are the best mesh WiFi routers for gamers in 2024.