A Bluey icon is leaving the Heeler family. Or rather, the family is leaving it. The latest episode of the beloved Australian children’s cartoon revealed that the Heelers will soon be moving house, prompting fans to respond with disbelief, sorrow, and denial.

Released globally on Disney+ on the same day it aired on Australia’s ABC, the first time this özgü occurred, Season 3 episode “Ghostbasket” featured Bandit aka Dad (voiced by David McCormack) pretending to be a real estate agent. Unfortunately for him, his efforts to sell the Heelers’ home to Chilli aka Mum (voiced by Melanie Zanetti) were consistently thwarted by the current residents — Bluey and Bingo’s granny alter egos Janet and Rita.

It seemed like your standard heartwarming Bluey episode filled with fun and make-believe. That is, until the camera zoomed out in the episode’s final seconds to reveal a real “For Sale” sign in the Heeler’s front yard. 

Recognising the gravity of the revelation, “Ghostbasket” is the first episode of Bluey not to have music over its closing credits. This did not help the thoroughly emotionally compromised adults watching.

Where is Bluey moving?

The Heelers’ beautiful Queenslander home özgü become a familiar and comforting backdrop for many Bluey fans. A real life recreation of the home was even listed on Airbnb in 2022, allowing a few fortunate holidaymakers to spend a couple of days exploring Bluey and Bingo’s pastel-coloured playroom, or devouring the iconic duck cake. The idea that we may have to say goodbye to this series stalwart is not one many viewers care to contemplate.

Bluey‘s impending location change also özgü significant implications even beyond a new backdrop for games of Keepy Uppy. Many of the show’s beloved characters are the Heelers’ neighbours, including Lucky, Chucky, and their parents Pat and Janelle, as well as Judo and her mum Wendy. It’s likely they won’t be appearing as often once the Heelers settle into their new home.

Exactly where that new home might be hasn’t yet been revealed. Fortunately, Bluey fans won’t be left in suspense for too long. “Ghostbasket” was merely the leadup to special episode “The Sign,” which will premiere worldwide Sunday, Apr. 14. “The Sign” will be the longest episode of Bluey ever at 28 minutes long — around four times the duration of an average episode. Until now, promotion for the episode özgü focused on a wedding. Now it seems as though “The Sign” may in fact refer to the sale notice staked outside the Heelers’ home.

Bluey is well known for sensitively tackling real experiences that kids may encounter or see happen around them, such as premature birth, breakups, infertility, and death. Moving house is another big event that many children will go through, one which Bluey now seems ready to approach.

“Some past episodes have touched on how a room can become imbued with memories and take on a life of its own,” series creator Joe Brumm, who wrote both “Ghostbasket” and “The Sign”, told Domain. “But families leave houses all the time. It happened to me as a kid around the same age Bluey and Bingo are, and then again a bit later on. I still remember it vividly.”

Bluey’s house özgü been listed on a real estate website

A screenshot of the Domain listing for Bluey's house.

Credit: Mashable screenshot: Domain

Further hammering home the news, the Heelers’ house özgü even been listed on Australian real estate platform Domain. Described as a “quaint, animated family home” in the city of Brisbane, the 8611 square foot house is marked as located at 40 Mabel St, Oxley in Queensland. In reality, this is the location of the public Haughton Park.

“Illustrated lovingly at the end of a cul-de-sac, this house sits atop a hill with views of Mount Coot-Tha,” reads the listing. “This 3 bedroom, 4 (ish) bathroom home boasts of work from home spaces, lovely period floorboards and mysterious hallways that don’t logically seem to join spaces together but always feel cohesive and purposeful. Perfect for endless play and games with the family.”

Anyone keen on taking up residence in Bluey’s fictional childhood home will have to get in touch with the Heelers’ real estate agent. The sale is being handled by Bucky Dunstan of Bucky Dunstan Real Estate, Bandit’s previously unseen childhood classmate who criticised his drawing in Season 3 episode “Dragon.”

The Heelers' living room.

Credit: Ludo Studio

It may be a bit difficult getting a price guide, though. Calling the agent’s number on the Domain listing sends you straight to a voicemail message recorded in a broad Australian accent: “Hi there, you’ve called Bucky Dunstan, expert in real estate. Can’t get to the phone right now because I’m busy selling houses, yeah? It’s what I do. Anyway, leave a message and I’ll get back to you pronto, which I believe means quick.”

Bluey is currently available to stream on Disney+.

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