Bluey aired its longest episode ever on the weekend, the beloved Australian cartoon delivering 28-minutes full of Easter eggs and emotions. Released globally on Disney+, special episode “The Sign” features Bluey grappling with the upcoming sale of her home, a change she vehemently opposes.

Amidst this, her family is also preparing to host a backyard wedding between her Uncle Rad (voiced by Patrick Brammall) and godmother Frisky (voiced by Claudia O’Doherty). Of course, a wedding is a perfect opportunity for people to catch up with each other, reminisce about the past, and share some big life updates. It seems that love is in the air for at least one other couple as well.

Warning: Spoilers will follow.

Like all Bluey episodes, “The Sign” can easily be watched in isolation. Still, this special episode does contain several callbacks and reveals to reward longtime fans of the series. The official Bluey YouTube account even released a video reminding viewers of several past events prior to it airing, hinting at things to watch out for during the episode.

Such Easter eggs include a glimpse of Greeny the green balloon floating by near the end of the episode, apparently still on the wind after Season 2 episode “Mum School.” Grandparents Nana and Bobba demonstrate that they still remember how to floss after learning the dance from Bluey in Season 1 episode “Grannies,” tearing it up to “Dance Mode” from the episode of the same name. The blue butterfly from “Slide” makes an appearance as well.

However, some of the most significant Easter eggs are the updates we get on the lives of the adults around Bluey and her family.

Aunty Brandy is finally pregnant

Aunty Brandy playing with Bingo in "Bluey" episode "Onesies."

Credit: Ludo Studio

In the particularly heartbreaking Season 3 episode “Onesies,” viewers were introduced to mum Chilli’s older sister Brandy (voiced by Rose Byrne). Aunty Brandy longed to be a mother but struggled with fertility issues, causing her to distance herself from Bluey’s family because she found it painful to be around them.

Now it seems as though she will finally get her wish. Though there’s no audible conversation about it during “The Sign,” Aunty Brandy is visibly pregnant when she arrives at Frisky and Rad’s wedding, embracing Chilli and allowing her sister to rub her enlarged belly.

The unexpected revelation caused excitement for many Bluey fans who recalled Brandy’s difficulties falling pregnant.

Winton’s dad özgü found love at last

Winton's dad talking to the Terriers' mum in "Bluey" episode "TV Shop."

Credit: Ludo Studio

We also get some happy news about Winton’s dad (voiced by Jake Bresanello). Cornelius özgü been looking for love after his relationship with his former partner ended — a split previously hinted at by a family car decal with the mother scratched off. This ongoing subplot özgü subtly appeared in the background of several episodes, showing Cornelius on dates with various potential partners.

Winton’s dad finally appeared to hit it off with the Terrier triplets’ mum in the recent episode “TV Shop.” Now “The Sign” özgü revealed that their relationship is progressing very well.

While Bluey’s classmates are talking about sad things, Winton says that his parents don’t live together and his dad is “lonely all the time.” This prompts one of the Terriers to respond that their “mum likes [his] dad.” Then later in a blink and you’ll miss it moment, Cornelius and the Terriers’ unnamed mother are seen putting his house up for sale while their kids wait in the same car, indicating that they’re likely moving in together. 

Incidentally, this entices the couple who were buying Bluey’s home to back out of the purchase, finding Cornelius’ house more appealing due to it having a pool. Cornelius’ successful romance thus indirectly contributes to the Heeler family’s ultimate decision not to move — a decision that thrilled both Bluey and fans alike.

Bluey is currently available to stream on Disney+.

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