Dearest reader, it is with great delight that we announce the arrival of Bridgerton Season 3’s latest trailer.

From the looks of the trailer, the budding romance between Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) is in full swing — although these two friends seem quite incapable of acknowledging their feelings. Instead, Colin endeavors to help Penelope find a suitor, with candidates including the dashing Lord Debling (Sam Phillips).

But as wallflower Penelope blooms in earnest, and Colin’s feelings of friendship give way to something more, is there any hope of this pair getting together? Or will matters of the mind interfere with matters of the heart?

The first four episodes of Bridgerton Season 3 premiere May 16 on Netflix, and the last four on June 13.

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