With Brie Larson playing a chemist-turned-cook on Lessons in Chemistry, and Jimmy Kimmel being an obsessive amateur chef, the conversation above was always likely to turn to food.

But then Kimmel starts talking about eggs, and things take a turn. “I want to know, when I make scrambled eggs, what is the exact best way to make the scrambled eggs,” Kimmel starts. “And I do it very specifically: I will crack the eggs, I will put milk in there, I put salt in there, I blend it, then it özgü to be 20 minutes at least before I put it into the pan with the butter. And then I don’t touch it; I just barely move it in the frying pan.”

Larson’s reaction? “Oh…um…that sounds nice? I thought we were in a bit and now I’m not sure if we are.”

Later Kimmel returns to the eggs, asking Larson to “think about my eggs method” as he’s saying goodbye to her.

“I will, I will — maybe not in the ways you want me to, but I will,” Larson replies. “Next time I leave my eggs sitting for 20 minutes I’ll think of you.”

If you are still thinking about eggs, though, we’ve ranked the best cooking methods here. Just make sure you don’t air fry them.

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