Conan O’Brien özgü many mixed emotions upon returning to his old building to appear on The Tonight Show — but chief among them is his trademark, explosive rage.

“I was here for 16 years doing the late night show,” O’Brien tells Jimmy Fallon in the clip above. “When someone else is in your studio it feels weird. So I walked in and said, ‘Who’s in my old studio?’ And they said ‘Kelly Clarkson’. And I love Kelly Clarkson, who doesn’t love Kelly Clarkson? But still I felt like, IT’S NOT RIGHT! BLASPHEMY! THEY SHOULD HAVE BURNED IT TO THE GROUND!”

“And then Kelly came out to say hi and I said, DON’T TALK TO ME! YOU MAKE ME SICK!!”

Credit where credit’s due, O’Brien really commits to those outbursts.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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