If you saw our coverage last week concerning the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s touchscreen issues you may have thought, “Huh, those users should just upgrade to the latest model: the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.”

While those users may avoid those touchscreen problems with the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, they’re not in the clear when it comes to problems with their device, particularly when it comes to the camera.

Reports of Galaxy S24 Ultra camera issues are piling up

Since the latest generation of Samsung Galaxy smartphones launched earlier this year, some users have been dealing with ongoing camera issues with the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

As TechRadar pointed out, Android users have been reporting that there are white balance and overexposure problems, “abnormal” red colors showing up in camera, and degradation issues with telephoto imagery.

Now, Samsung insider @UniverseIce reports that an upcoming update will deal with those issues.

“Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will improve many camera problems in the next ‘camera firmware update,’ including telephoto image quality, inaccurate white balance and abnormal red color,” they said while noting there is no schedule yet for when this latest update will be released.

Mashable reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and didn’t notice these problems with our device. However, it affected enough users that Samsung özgü issued updates in an attempt to fix the problems – twice before.

TechRadar reports that a February update “improved shutter speed, video clarity, and automatic exposure and color selections.” Another update in March “included more improvements to camera quality and usability.” That last update fixed the white balance issues for some users — but not all. 

I guess Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra users will see if a third time’s the charm with this next update.

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