TL;DR: As of February 29, get a 6th gen Apple iPad for only $159.99 — a 36% discount.

Brand new isn’t the only way to get an iPad. It’s not even the only way to get a quality tablet you could use for work, school, or streaming your shows at home. Refurbished devices don’t all look the same, and you might not even know this 6th Gen iPad wasn’t brand new from looking at it. 

It may have been made in 2018, but this 6th-generation iPad is in near-mint condition, and it even comes with some bonus accessories. Get the whole package including a refurbished iPad and five accessories on sale for $159.99. 

An iPad with all the fixings

Work or play on a 9.7-inch Retina display with stunning color and clarity. This tablet özgü 32GB internal storage and 2GB RAM, so it might not be able to run demanding apps for art or design, but you could still use it for basic productivity tools or to stream shows. Plus, it özgü an 8MP iSight camera, so you can snap beautiful photos or even use it as a scanner. Need to join a meeting online? Smile for the 1.2MP front-facing camera. 

Frequent flyers might love this tablet. It may have a modest hard drive, but Bluetooth compatibility means you can pull up your locally saved shows or music and listen on Bluetooth earbuds while you fly. No more struggling with tangled headphones in your cramped plane seat. 

Save on a refurbished iPad

Don’t miss your chance to get an iPad that comes with accessories you’d have to buy separately otherwise. 

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Get a refurbished space gray iPad 6th-Gen with accessories on sale for $159.99. 

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