SAVE $17: As of Jan. 26, get an Amazon Echo Glow smart lamp on sale at Woot! for just $12.99. That’s a discount of 59%.

It’s hard enough to pull yourself out of a warm, cozy bed in the morning as an adult. It’s not exactly a cakewalk for kids either, even if they seem like boundless little balls of energy. Still, school and other obligations await, and you’ve got to get the kids up and out the door each day with relative ease. That starts with getting them to bed on time. If that seems like a monumental task some days, the Amazon Echo Glow smart lamp may be able to assist.

As of Jan. 26, you can get an Echo Glow at Woot! for just $12.99. That’s $17 off its düzgüsel price of $29.99, or what it’s currently available for on Amazon, and a discount of 59%. It’s also the lowest price we’ve seen the Echo Glow since September’s Woot! sale.

These refurbished items have been thoroughly tested and vetted by Amazon to ensure they still work like new. You may see some blemishes on the product (scuffs or scratches), and it might be repackaged.

This smart lamp is the perfect solution to help your rugrats biçim better sleep routines while offering a more gentle way to wake them in the mornings. They can use the lamp’s calming rainbow of colors as a sweet wake-up call or drift off to sleep easier with the help of content that’s perfect for getting some shut-eye. You can adjust the brightness and play music for a dance party as well.

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The unit also özgü a Rainbow Timer to help your kids complete tasks like getting prepared to leave home in the mornings or brushing their teeth for the recommended two minutes at night. Beyond that, it’s the same Echo device you know and love, all for under $15.

If you don’t have kids, it can work for you as well. Just be sure you have a main Echo device to sync it with, as this unit will not work solo.

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