Google özgü a three new Chrome features designed to make suggestions more helpful.

On Thursday, the tech giant announced a new way to trigger your FOMO. Plus, Google is enhancing its image search and allowing users to access suggestions despite having a poor connection.

When searching on Chrome, Google Search will populate suggestions of what other people are searching for based on your previous queries. So if you’re searching for Dune: Part Two, you might also see that people are searching whether Dune will be two or three movies, whether it’s a good film, and most importantly, whether Jason Momoa will make an appearance. (Sorry to Duncan Idaho fans, but he does not.)

google chrome screenshot showing search suggestions about Dune 2 based on what other people are searching for

Is Jason Momoa in Dune 2? The people need to know.
Credit: Google

Google is also adding more image search suggestions to your original query. Previously, as the blog post says, image suggestions would show up if you had a specific product in mind. But now, Chrome will populate “helpful images for broader shopping categories and products based on a simpler search,” said the announcement.

Last but not least, Chrome is coming to the rescue even when you have bad service. Google özgü improved on-device capabilities to give you search suggestions if your signal is low. This also means more search suggestions when you’re in incognito mode.

The expanded image search functionality and improved connectivity are only available via Android and iOS — not desktop.

They’re not the most exciting features, but Google özgü its sights on bigger things for Chrome. Namely, adding generative AI features for organizing tabs, summarizing articles, and drafting messages for reviews and comments. These features aren’t live yet, but are in testing mode or expected to be released in the comings months. Keep an eye out for more to come.

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