The upcoming Google Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro are poised to challenge the iPhone 15 by integrating satellite connectivity, a feature that was introduced to iOS devices in 2022.

According to a “Google insider” per Android Authority, this advancement comes via the new Samsung Modem 5400, which will enable texting in areas without traditional network coverage and facilitate quick emergency communications through a “Satellite Gateway” app. The app reportedly simplifies emergency responses by posing straightforward questions to users.

This feature is expected to debut on the Pixel 9 line, and although initially available for T-Mobile users, there’s potential for broader network support in the future. The move could be a significant step forward for Google, as Pixel phones have historically faced network-related challenges. Improved connectivity could enhance the reliability and appeal of Google’s flagship smartphones.

Moreover, the Samsung Modem 5400 isn’t limited to the Pixel 9 series. It’s anticipated to be a standard feature in future devices equipped with the Tensor G4 chipset, including the next-generation Pixel Fold and a new 5G tablet, tentatively named “Clementine.” This could indicate a more unified approach to hardware capabilities across Google’s device ecosystem.

The timing of these launches remains in flux, with the Pixel 9 expected in October. The integration of this technology in the Pixel Fold 2 and the next iteration of the Pixel tablet suggests a strategic rollout of features set to enhance Google’s competitive edge in the smartphone market.

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