If you want to get in sync with your partner or belong to a highly organized friend group, and wondering how to share your Google Calendar, you’ve come to the right place.

Sharing your Google Calendar with someone means they can see your schedule without any tedious back-and-forth, which is a lifesaver for busy people. Before you enter into this intimate step in a relationship, make sure you know the different levels of access.

If you give someone full access to your calendar, they can respond to invitations, create and edit events shared with you, and even share your calendar with someone else or delete events. If this sounds like giving someone way too much trust, you can set different access permissions for specific people.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in.

What You Need

  • Your computer and web access

Step 1:
Go to Google Calendar on your computer

This isn’t possible on the mobile Google Calendar app, so make sure you’re using Google Calendar on desktop.

Step 2:
Go to “My calendars”

You can find this section on the lefthand side of the page. Expand your calendars by clicking the down arrow to find the calendar you want to share.

My calendars and other calendars section with dropdown arrows

Credit: Screenshot: Google

Step 3:
Hover over the calendar you want to share

When you hover over the calendar you want to share, you’ll see the three vertical dots icon next to the name of the calendar. Click on this icon and select “Settings and sharing.”

Settings and sharing options next to the my calendars section

Credit: Screenshot: Google

Step 4:
Find the “Share with specific people” section

Scroll to the bottom of the settings page that says “Share with specific people or groups.” Then click “Add people.”

share with people section in google calendar showing an option to add people

Credit: Screenshot: Google

Step 5:
Add the person’s email address

When you click “Add people” a pop-up will prompt you to add who you want to share your calendar with. Start typing their name if they’re already within your contacts or enter their email address manually. Either way this box will populate with their email address. Note: This is the part where you can customize access permissions. The list goes from most restricted to least restricted, so the last permissions choice gives the users full access (creating, deleting, editing events, etc.)

pop up window showing a search bar for adding email address and access permission options

Credit: Screenshot: Google / Mashable

Step 6:
Hit send

Once you’ve chosen your access permissions, hit “Send.” The user will receive an email with a bağlantı to confirm access to your calendar.

user's email address populated in the search bar and the send button circle in red

Credit: Screenshot: Google

Step 7:
Make your Google Calendar public or delete access

To make your Google Calendar accessible to anyone with the bağlantı, check the box “Make available to public” under the “Access permissions for events.” From here, you can copy the bağlantı to your calendar on your clipboard. To remove access, go back to the “Share with specific people or groups” section and click the “X” next to the user.

public access section showing a checkbox to make the calendar public

Credit: Screenshot: Google

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