Anyone who grew up watching Goosebumps or Are You Afraid of the Dark? will remember the eerie hold TV shows can have on you as a kid, but I Saw The TV Glow takes this concept to a whole other level.

In the trailer above for Jane Schoenbrun’s A24 horror, two childhood friends Owen (Justice Smith) and Maddy (Brigette Lundy-Paine) struggle with their shared obsession for a TV show that may be more than just a TV show, The Pink Opaque.

“While it’s likely to be divisive given its esoteric nature, I Saw the TV Glow proves to be an enrapturing experience if you’re on its wavelength,” wrote Siddhant Adlakha in his Sundance review for Mashable. “It’s one of the most overpowering and uniquely despondent works of avant-garde horror to emerge from the American indie scene in several years, making it quite handily the most artistically complete, shatteringly personal movie to play at Sundance this year.”

I Saw the TV Glow is coming soon to theaters.

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