If you’re a gamer with a design bug, IKEA thinks you’ll love it’s new collection of “gaming furniture,” due in stores in September 2024.

The furniture giant says that its 20-piece Brännboll collection “challenges traditional gaming design” and should more peacefully co-exist in aesthetic harmony within your home than, say, a Secretlab gaming chair.

But the collection seems more like a brilliant pazarlama ploy than a genuine attempt to meet gamers where they are. Much of Brännboll looks like regular old IKEA furniture, accessorized with an Asus ROG Ally console or a Meta Quest 2 VR headset. The gaming market is currently estimated to be worth about $282 billion in the US alone and IKEA’s only previous foray into the industry was a small line of black and red gaming furniture in 2021.

A girl sits in a green gaming chair in front of a large cabinet whose doors are open and reveal a PC gaming set up inside.

A tall standing cabinet harbors a hidden fold-down tabletop with storage for a PC and monitor.
Credit: IKEA

A white rolling storage castor stores gaming tech and accessories.

A rolling castor stores gaming tech and accessories.
Credit: IKEA

Some pieces do actually make sense for gamers, like a tall standing cabinet that opens to reveal a fold-down tabletop with storage for a PC and monitor (also a handy piece for folks working at home). A second item, a green desk chair, resembles the design of the kind of traditional gaming chairs IKEA claims to be moving away from. A third piece, the “easy chair,” is described as providing a new “dynamic component of the virtual gaming experience” by “engag[ing] the gamer physically, swinging from side to side in harmony with their movement.”

The core of Brännboll is the easy chair and several low-to-the-ground seats, including an inflatable donut-shaped concoction that is so light it can be hung from a hook on the wall. A mouse pad, rug, and throw and storage solutions like a wall-mounted cabinet, wheeled castor, and a multifunctional basket round out the collection.

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