TL;DR: Through March 3, get help from the pros in the Essential Money Management Bundle and study investments, side hustles, budgeting, and more for just $29.99. 

Managing your money is a tough job, and sometimes it takes another tough job just to get enough money to manage. Whether you’re looking for a side hustle that won’t take up too much time or want to improve your budgeting skills, it could help to get some insight from a real professional. 

This 10-course $29.99 bundle covers the basics of money management, investing, budgeting, financial tracking, and more. Invest in your financial education and you might be laughing all the way to the bank later.

Learn to manage your money 

Mastering your money isn’t a simple task, but this course bundle breaks it down into a few workable areas. If you want to learn to save, you can study financial tracking and budget-making to be more mindful of the money you have before it’s gone. 

Want to make more money? Check out courses on investment planning. The stock market may be intimidating, but Skill Success instructors break it down so you can make your first investments with a little more confidence. 

There are 26 hours of material in this bundle, and it’s all yours for life. Study fast and make changes or revisit whenever your budget changes. 

A low-budget budget education course

Managing your money isn’t just one skill. It’s learning whether you need to get a new income stream, spend less, or find new ways for your money to make money. 

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Start your education with a few simple courses on the basics with the Essential Money Management Bundle on sale for $29.99. 

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