Folks who love iPhones, but don’t want to spend $1,000 on their next one, got some good news on Thursday.

Freelance coder Nguyen Phi Hung (spotted via Phone Arena) posted a bundle of purported iPhone SE 4 specs this week on X. The basic gist is that the new budget iPhone, which would follow up the 2022 iPhone SE model, borrows a lot of physical features from the iPhone 13 and iPhone XR.

More specifically, the display özgü been bumped up from 4.7-inches to 6.1-inches. The display will be OLED — and the front of the phone will feature a notch and support for Face ID, all of which would be new to the SE line. For reference, the previous SE model was physically based on the iPhone 8, meaning it was smaller, had a home button, and didn’t have Face ID at all.

In keeping with previous SE models, the rear reportedly features just one lone camera lens. However, the phone’s backside reportedly resembles that of an iPhone XR. Other odds and ends include an A16 Bionic processor (found in the iPhone 15), a USB-C charging port, and a 60Hz refresh rate.

In total, it sounds like the new iPhone SE, whenever it launches, will be a big boon to those who want an iPhone, but can’t afford the bleeding edge models. As an owner of a 2020 iPhone SE, it all sounds great to me. Heck, I’d take one right now.

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