TL;DR: Through March 3, a lifetime subscription to Headway Premium is only $49.97 instead of $299.95 — that’s a savings of 83%.

Your commute to and from work is a lot of time, and you might be able to use it for self-improvement. Having a teacher in the car might let you hop in the HOV lane, but it could be more efficient to get personalized learning insights from best-selling non-fiction books instead. That’s what Headway does for millions of learners around the world, and it could do it for you for life when you get a lifetime subscription for only $49.97. 

Drive in the learning lane

Headway is an opportunity to customize what you learn and when you learn it. Instead of sitting down for hours and hours with a single book you might not even learn anything from, you could hop onto your phone to a mobile app that makes learning fun, easy, and timely. Join 15+ million users in studying over 1,500 insights pulled from best-selling books like How to Talk to Anyone or Ask and It is Given

While an insight from Headway can’t replace the experience of reading a full book, it could tell you if a book is actually worth the time it’d take for you to read it. If you like the lessons Headway shows you, then you might have a real page-turner on your hands. 

Headway insights come from books on a range of topics like personal development, business strategy, health, and more. And an exciting benefit is that you can access everything in written or audio format. That means you can listen on your commute. That long morning drive is suddenly a chance to listen to professional voice actors teach you new skills. Plus, you get achievements and the chance to track your progress as you learn more and more. 

Road scholars learn as they commute

Cracking open a book while you drive to work might not be the best idea, but there’s more than one way to learn on the road. 

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Put that time on the road to work by getting a Headway Premium lifetime subscription for $49.97 until March 3 at 11:59 p.m. PT. 

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