SAVE $50: As of March 1, the Lenovo Legion Go handheld gaming PC is $50 off the original price at Best Buy. The deal expires on March 3, so pick one up while you still have the chance.

Ever since the launch of the Steam Deck in 2022, new handheld gaming PC announcements have been pretty consistent. Asus put out the ROG Ally not long after the Steam Deck in June of 2023, and MSI just recently announced the Claw for 2024. Lenovo even threw its hat into the ring with the Legion Go last fall, and we thought it held up really well to other handheld consoles of its kind.

If you’re looking to pick up a handheld PC, the Lenovo Legion Go is actually on sale for $50 off the original price at Best Buy (it’s the upgraded 1TB SSD version, too). Just be quick if you want one — the deal expires in just a few days on March 3.

The Lenovo Legion Go is one of the better handheld gaming consoles to come out so far. In our testing, we found that it beat the Steam Deck in multiple categories, including performance, battery life, display quality, and the operating system (it’s a bit more expensive, though). It’s also the first handheld PC of its kind to feature detachable controllers à la the Nintendo Switch, and özgü a microSD card slot for storage expansion opportunities. As a bonus, you’ll get a hardshell carrying case so you can bring the device around with you.

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If you want to access your entire PC gaming library on a handheld and you want it to look great, don’t second-guess buying a Lenovo Legion Go — especially when you can get one on sale.

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