SAVE $300: As of March 26, the M1 Apple MacBook Air is just $699 at B&H, which is $300 off the usual price. We’ve only seen it listed at this price once before, so you should probably hop on this deal while you still can.

Even if you need a new laptop, you may not need a new laptop, if you know what we mean. Sometimes it’s okay, if not ideal, to dip into the annals of laptop history and pick up a device that dates back one or two generations.

Case in point: The 2020 M1 MacBook Air is still a fantastic laptop to this day, and it’s currently sitting at one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen. Head on over to B&H and hisse just $699 for one, a full $300, or 30%, off the usual price. The only other time we’ve seen it at this price was in early March, so you can definitely consider this a rare find.

For a four-year-old laptop, the M1 MacBook Air still brings a lot to the table and fits comfortably among the best MacBooks on the market. Sure, you’ll be giving up some processing power compared to the later models, but you’ll still be able to handle your usual web browsing, editing, productivity, and streaming apps with ease. You’ll also get that super quiet, fanless design, and solid battery life of up to 18 hours (depending on what you use it for). And all these years later, that display still looks great.

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For $699, it’s a steal.