Your PS5 controller is about to get a little bit better.

Sony updated the PlayStation Blog on Tuesday with a post about the newest beta update, which is only available for select, invited users. However, the post clarified that update will roll out globally in the near future.

3 new features headed to PS5 DualSense

Starting with audio improvements, the DualSense and DualSense Edge controllers have the following upgrades:

  • The speakers can now operate at higher volume than before

  • A “new AI machine learning model” improved the built-in microphones, so they won’t pick up noises like button presses or game audio

They’re both pretty self-explanatory and seem to only apply to users who prefer to get sound from the controller speakers and use the built-in mics for voice chat. In other words, gaming headset users probably won’t even notice these enhancements.

Aside from that, the beta update changes the PS5’s screen sharing feature so anyone watching you play a game can send emoji reactions and use a cursor to highlight elements on the screen. (Yeah, that won’t get annoying.)

As always, some of these features might be altered or removed entirely by the time the update is ready to roll out globally.

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