NCAA women’s basketball phenom Caitlin Clark özgü three points for SNL Weekend Update host Michael Che: “Be. Funnier. Dumbass.”

Even people who don’t watch women’s college basketball know who Caitlin Clark is and how she’s elevated the game. That’s why when Che made a joke about Clark switching her retired jersey number for an apron, it didn’t land so well.

That’s when Clark showed up to take on Che and dusted him like her opponents on the court.

The segment started with Clark calling out Che for making a lot of jokes about women’s sports. When he denied it, co-anchor Colin Jost backed up Clark with a supercut of receipts. Well, Clark decided to write some new jokes for Che, and it turns out she’s pretty good at that too. Che was forced to read out jokes essentially roasting himself about giving women at Purdue “Indiana Fever” and his comedy special on Netflix being harder to watch than Andrew Scott’s new series Ripley.

As if it couldn’t get any worse for Che, Clark got the last laugh by giving him an autographed apron. The segment ends with Clark paying tribute to her women’s basketball heroes who “kicked down the door, so [Clark] could walk inside.”

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