The official trailer for the American Speak No Evil remake is here, and it looks every bit as disturbing as the original Danish film. Good luck to anyone who’s keen to sit through that ending again. I will be way over here, thinking happy thoughts.

Based on the 2022 horror of the same name, Speak No Evil follows two families who meet on vacation: American couple Ben (Scoot McNairy) and Louise (Mackenzie Davis) with their daughter Agnes (Alix West Lefler), and British couple Paddy (James McAvoy) and Ciara (Aisling Franciosi) with their son Ant (Dan Hough). Quickly befriending each other, the latter invite the former to visit their country home for a weekend getaway.

Unfortunately, the guests soon discover that their hosts aren’t as innocuous as they seemed, and that there may be a more sinister explanation to Ant’s inability to speak than was previously divulged.

Speak No Evil arrives in theatres Sept. 13.

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