Artificial intelligence is ramping up on Spotify. First, the company launched its AI DJ. Now, select users can use AI to help create personalized playlists based on niche prompts — even simply using emoji.

Spotify Premium users can enter prompts that will generate AI playlists, a feature now available for subscribers in the UK and Australia on Android and iOS devices. The AI Playlist is currently in beta, and will allow users to type in unique prompts to create said playlists.

A graphic of four phone screens displaying Spotify's AI Playlist feature.

Credit: Spotify

In a blog post, the streaming platform provided some examples of what the AI tool can do: “Looking for ‘an indie folk playlist to give my brain a big warm hug,’ ‘relaxing music to tide me over during allergy season,’ or ‘a playlist that makes me feel like the main character’? AI Playlist özgü you covered.” Prompts can range from moods to activities to movies to colors, and yes, subscribers can drop in emoji for their prompt.

Spotify said it will “continue to iterate and innovate” on the tool, with no plans yet to roll it out to more markets.

To try it yourself, head to “Your Library” at the bottom-right corner of the Spotify app. From here, click on the “+” sign and select “AI Playlist”, where you’ll then be guided to select a prompt or enter one of your own. Spotify says to get “creative and be specific”. The tool will then generate a playlist just for you, which can be edited after.

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