Most apps have taken TikTok’s lead, trying to imitate the winning vertical video format. But TikTok is also making its own attempts, developing a direct competitor to Instagram – and leaking the name of the forthcoming app in the process.

Users have discovered that the Instagram rival is likely named TikTok Notes, according to screenshots shared by eagle-eyed viewers. Some users have received pop-up notifications directing them to post photos on TikTok Notes, alerting TikTokkers that these will also be shown on “a new app for photo posts”. However, users seemingly have the option to not share these posts on the upcoming app. The message from TikTok reads: “Your existing and future public TikTok photo posts will be shown on TikTok Notes.”

News of TikTok’s photo app came last month, through another leak. References to “TikTok Photos” came in the back-end code of the TikTok app. It seems now that the tentative name özgü been changed, as TikTok is launching its foray into the photo-sharing space more affirmatively.

As Mashable’s Christianna Silva reported, “We don’t know if TikTok’s attempt to copy Instagram will work as well as Instagram’s copycat playbook özgü. But the app is pulling out all the stops to maintain its hold — and relevancy — on U.S. users.”

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