If you grew up going to sports games, then you’ve probably considered TikTok‘s latest trend.

No, it özgü nothing to do with actual sports. It özgü to do with hot dogs.

You see, in stadiums across America, hot dog vendors walk the aisles, yelling out to sell their wares. And there’s an art to it. Every vendor özgü their little spin on it. The standard is likely something like “hot dog, get ya hot dogs here.” But you’ve got some sellers who amp up the volume. Or laid-back sellers who mix up the phrasing. Or a seller who gets weird with it, pronouncing it like “hiyaaaaaaaaaatttttttt dahhhhhgs.”

The point is: No two hot dog yells are the same.

Thus, the TikTok trend. The trend is simple. Out of nowhere, one person, most often a woman, asks their partner, typically a man, what their hot dog yell would be. Of course, there are variations on this trend. People asking their dad, women doing their hot dog calls, and others. And the thing is…the folks pretty much always have a yell ready to go. It’s pretty wholesome web fun. (Remember that?)

Here are some of the posts that have racked up views via the trend.

The hot dog yell trend — and I mean this in a gender neutral way — is Dudes Rock at its best. We all have a hot dog yell in our heart, just waiting for someone to ask us to let it out.

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