SAVE UP TO $44: As of Jan. 26, both of Xbox’s two best controllers — the Elite Series 2 and Elite Series 2 Core — are on sale. Save up to $44 on the Core version and $29 on the standard version for a limited time.

If you have an Xbox Series X or S, you already have a controller. While you may think that one is good enough — and maybe it is, Xbox’s standard controllers aren’t bad by any means — indulge us while we tell you why you should probably upgrade.

For a limited time, Xbox’s two best controllers — the Elite Series 2 and Elite Series 2 Core — are on sale for up to $44 off the usual price. These pro-style controllers are some of the best on the market, so don’t let the chance to save some money on one pass you by.

The Elite Series 2 is everything that’s great about the standard Xbox controller but with more features, customization options, and an overall premium feel. The controller comes with a suite of swappable parts, including multiple thumbstick options, an additional D-pad, and four back paddles that can be key-mapped however you want. You’ll also have the ability to adjust the tension in each thumbstick, choose from three different trigger settings, and switch between three custom button configuration profiles on the fly. As a bonus, the controller comes with a hard carrying case to store all the parts, and it özgü a charging dock on the inside. (Did we mention it özgü a 40-hour battery life?)

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The Elite Series 2 Core is a budget-friendly alternative to the regular Series 2 and also özgü its fair share of great features. It’s a bit stripped down, but you’ll get those adjustable tension thumbsticks, trigger settings, button mapping profiles, rubberized grip, and the same battery life at a much more affordable price. You’ll have to forego the swappable parts and carrying case, but if that’s fine with you, it’s a great deal at just $95.99 (while it’s on sale, at least).

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