In a significant development for Apple Watch lovers, rumors suggest the upcoming Apple Watch Series 10 might boost battery life, courtesy of a more power-efficient OLED display.

Apple Watch Series 10 may have better battery life

Citing a report from South Korean publication The Elec, MacRumors noted that this advancement stems from the implementation of low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) thin-film transistor (TFT) technology. This addition offers improved pixel illumination control, which reduces power consumption without altering the visual experience compared to the Apple Series Watch 9.

The introduction of LTPO technology, although potentially challenging to manufacture, promises extended battery life, potentially without increasing the device’s price. According to The Elec, production of the Apple Watch Series 10’s screen might see collaboration between tech giants LG and Samsung — the latter is expected to join the manufacturing efforts possibly by the time the Apple Watch Series 11 rolls out in 2025.

This isn’t the first instance of LTPO OLED technology being utilized in Apple products; the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max already feature this technology. Both models support an always-on display and variable refresh rates without significantly draining the battery. However, such displays are speculated to remain exclusive to iPhone Pro models in the immediate future, with broader applications possibly becoming more feasible by 2025 as production costs and challenges diminish.

With an anticipated release alongside the iPhone 16 in September, the Apple Watch Series 10 is an eagerly awaited companion piece. Currently, the Apple Watch Series 9 delivers around 20 hours of battery life, setting a high benchmark for its successor to exceed.

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