SAVE $24.01: As of April 10, get the black Apple Magic Mouse for $74.99 at Amazon with a $14 off on-page coupon. That’s 24% off its regular price of $99.

If you’re an avid Mac user, you likely have one of all of Apple’s many accessories to make using your computer efficient and comfortable. But if you haven’t added an Apple Magic Mouse to your collection just yet, you’re missing out on one of Apple’s sleekest, most user-friendly products that makes working with the Mac ecosystem a dream. If you’re looking to pick one up, now’s a good time to lock in a purchase as it’s on sale at Amazon.

As of April 10, you can get the black Apple Magic Mouse for $74.99 at Amazon. It’s on sale for $88.99, but you’ll get an extra $14 off thanks to an on-page coupon. That’s a total of $24.01 off its regular price of $99, or a discount of 24%.

This attractive rechargeable mouse connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to your Mac, MacBook, or your iPad. There’s no complicated pairing and it can seamlessly attach to your device, just like AirPods. It looks futuristic, but don’t mistake its aesthetics for lack of features. You can swipe and scroll on its multi-touch surface, and the entire mouse clicks, so you can situate your hand however is most comfortable for you.

Plus, this mouse can up to a month without charging. When you do juice it up, you can connect to a USB-C port; Apple made the switch to Lightning as of the iPhone 15’s release, so the mouse comes with a USB-C to Lightning cable to make it easy on you.

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It’s always a good idea to attach a mouse to a laptop so you have more freedom of movement. Snag one of these Apple mice today and see how it can help you more do with even more comfort.

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