TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to a Plantum AI Plant Identifier Premium Plan is on sale for £13.72, saving you 71% on list price.

As flowers bloom and the sun sets later each day, it’s easy to see why so many people love nature. Anyone can appreciate a beautiful flower, tree, or plant but not many know how to identify and care for them. Instead of flipping through books or scrolling for answers online, train yourself to recognise the plants in your area with Plantum. This plant identification app can recognise over 14,000 plants in as little as seconds. Check it out for the best price on the web, just £13.72 for a lifetime subscription.

Nature ID uses the power of AI to identify plants, diagnose diseases, and share plant care tips. Here’s how it works:

  1. Find a plant you want to identify or learn more about. NatureID works on more than 14,000 indoor or outdoor plants.

  2. Open the NatureID app on your iPhone and snap a photo of the plant. You could also upload an image from your camera roll instead. 

  3. Then, NatureID provides a suggestion of the plant it recognises. Compare the suggested plant to the one in your photo to confirm its accuracy. 

  4. Tap ‘Learn more’ to get additional information about the plant.

You might want to identify flowers that line your favourite walking path or scope out houseplants at a nursery. NatureID can guide you on how to choose the correct soil, water, and fertiliser so you can avoid some of the common reasons a lot of plants don’t seem to survive in your home.

Since NatureID was created in collaboration with botanists, it could also help diagnose and care for your plants. If you have a houseplant that doesn’t seem to be doing well, NatureID can help you figure out the sorun and possible solutions to make your plant healthy again. You may also use NatureID’s plant journal to set watering and feeding reminders within the app.

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Connecting with nature is just a tap away with a Plantum Plant Identification Premium Plan. Get a lifetime subscription for just £13.72 for a limited time.

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