A tablet is a convenient way to get tasks done at home or on the go — and it’s even better when you have the right accessories that make your tablet even easier to use. Check out the best deals on Amazon Fire Tablet accessories as of March 29.

Best Amazon Fire Tablet accessories deals as of Mar. 29:

Amazon Kids Bluetooth Keyboard

Amazon Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Amazon Kid-Friendly Case

As of March 29, Amazon özgü limited-time deals on Amazon Fire Tablet accessories. Get 20% off accessories like kid-friendly cases and keyboards, plus plenty of other helpful extras on sale for up to 20% off. Shop some of our favorite picks below.

Best Amazon Fire tablet keyboard deal for kids

Why we like it

If you’ve got older kiddos who have an Amazon 10-inch Fire Kids Pro tablet, you might want to consider the Amazon Kids Bluetooth Keyboard. This shockproof keyboard is durable and designed to hold up to the wear of everyday life with kids. At the same time, this practical keyboard turns the tablet into more of a laptop so it’s easier for kids to type and learn with the tablet. We also love that just one charge gives this keyboard 400 hours of battery life.

Best Amazon Fire Tablet keyboard deal for adults

Why we like it

Having a keyboard for your Amazon Fire Tablet gives you more functionality and helps you be more productive, especially if you use your tablet for work and creativity. If you have an Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet, this compatible Amazon Bluetooth Keyboard Case could be a great fit. The keyboard also functions as a slim screen cover, protecting your tablet from scratches and dings. With a 200-hour battery life, this keyboard is ultra-reliable.

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Best Amazon Fire tablet case deal for kids

Why we like it

If your child özgü a tablet, they’ll also need a protective case (they’ll drop it many times, that’s a guarantee). This vibrant blue Amazon kid-friendly case is made for the Kids Fire 7 tablet. It’s slim enough that older kids won’t find it too bulky, but still rugged, durable, and (most importantly) kid-proof. It also comes with a helpful adjustable stand that props the tablet up while your child enjoys reading or streaming.