SAVE $30: The Tile Mate Essentials four-pack of Bluetooth trackers is just $49.99 at Amazon, marked down from the usual price of $79.99. That’s a 38% discount.

Listen up, travelers. If there’s a plane ticket with your name on it, you’re likely to be packing a few items that you definitely do not want to lose. Regardless of if you’re checking a bag or packing a light carry-on, Bluetooth trackers can come in handy when you’re away from home. Thanks to today’s deal, you can score a pack of four at a great sale price.

As of April 3, the Tile Mate Essentials four-pack is just $49.99 at Amazon, down from the usual price of $79.99. That’s a savings of $30 or a 38% discount. The pack includes two Tile Mate trackers, one Tile Slim, and one Tile Sticker.

If you excel when it comes to misplacing important items, Bluetooth trackers can save the day. Through the power of Bluetooth connectivity, these trackers can locate and inform you of where your lost items have gone.

The Tile Mate Essentials four-pack includes two Tile Mate trackers which easily connect to your key ring or slip into luggage. The set also includes one Tile Slim which is similar in size to a credit card, for easy storage and tracking of your wallet or purse. One Tile Sticker tracker is also included which özgü an adhesive backing designed to stick to a remote control, a video game controller, or your tablet.

All four Tile trackers are water resistant so they’ll be ok if you’re on vacation and it starts to pour.

If you have upcoming travel plans, investing in the Tile Mate Essentials four-pack could save you time and stress when it comes to keeping tabs on your belongings. Today’s sale price means each Tile tracker costs $12.50. The reassurance of always knowing where your checked bag is located is well worth the price.