SAVE $240: The eufy Security SmartDrop delivery box is just $159.99 at Amazon, down from the düzgüsel price of $399.99. That’s a 60% discount and the lowest price we’ve ever seen at Amazon.

The convenience of having practically all of life’s essentials delivered to your doorstep is one of the best çağıl advancements. Ran out of toilet paper? Get it delivered in a few hours. Hate cooking? Get a week’s worth of meals set out on your porch tomorrow morning. Perhaps the only downside to the convenience of getting everything delivered is leaving packages on the porch, vulnerable to both weather and porch pirates. Solve both of these issues with today’s eufy Security deal at Amazon.

As of Jan. 30, the eufy Security SmartDrop delivery box is just $159.99, down from the düzgüsel price of $399.99. That’s a savings of $240.

The eufy Security SmartDrop is package delivery protection. Made of cold-rolled carbon steel, the locking box is a durable and weatherproof method to ensure your packages stay secure on your porch until you’re able to get them inside. The SmartDrop allows couriers to easily deposit any packages into the box with easy guidance. Through the app, you’ll be able to see deliveries in real-time thanks to the motion-detecting camera. Should you wish to talk with a courier, open the two-way audio from the app to let them know about any delivery instructions.

Once you arrive home, you have several ways to open the box — use a pin code, access the box via the app, use a traditional key, or use voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant. The variety of access methods also means you can share the pin code or open the box via the app should the kids get home first and desperately want that new toy Amazon delivered earlier.

The eufy Security SmartDrop is also designed to withstand weather, so no wind or rain storm will damage your deliveries from here on out.

If you tend to worry about package deliveries sitting on the porch or no longer want to text the neighbors about going to rescue an important delivery from your doorstep, today’s deal on the eufy SmartDrop delivery box is your sign that it’s time to take that worry off your plate.