TL;DR: The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle with Rosetta Stone is on sale for £120 with the code ENJOY20.

You never have to stop learning if you don’t want to, but there are more ways to do it than at a desk in school. There will always be new hobbies to try or skills to acquire. You might even find a new career opportunity along the way. If you want a giant menu of new things to learn, including 24 different languages and over 1,000 courses, check out the Unlimited Lifetime Learning Bundle.

This two-pack of learning resources contains lifetime subscriptions to Rosetta Stone and StackSkills Unlimited for just £120 with the code ENJOY20.

Rosetta Stone is a legendary language-learning app that gives you 24 languages to learn one at a time. Study German, Korean, Arabic, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Viatmense, and so much more. 

Rosetta Stone doesn’t just give you a wide selection of popular languages. There are different types of lessons to try depending on the skill you want to refine. Practice your pronunciation with help from TruAccent™, Rosetta Stone’s smart speech-recognition technology. Need to give your voice a break? Practice reading, writing, and building up your vocabulary. The next thing to do is make your travel plans to visit somewhere you can take your new language for a spin. 

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There’s another kind of language you could learn from this bundle. Check out the selection at StackSkills for courses in coding languages like Python and HTML. Or you could go for something completely different. There are over a thousand courses with 50+ more added every month. Learn about Cybersecurity, chess, photography, or project management. Track your progress as you work through courses and earn certifications proving your new expertise. Your new skills might even land you a cool new career one day. 

Learn new languages and skills from the comfort of your home. Get the Unlimited Lifetime Learning Bundle featuring Rosetta Stone on sale for £120 with the code ENJOY20. 

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