With Valentine’s Day coming up, there’s no better time to invest in pleasure. From Feb. 7 through Feb. 15, sex toy brand Ava is offering 20% off its entire Amazon storefront.

Ava Sex Toy Sale

Best Ava sex toy deal overall

Ava Vivv

$17.95 at Amazon
(save $12)

Ava Vivv on white background

Best dual-function sex toy deal

Ava Lolli

$24.47 at Amazon
(save $5.52)

Ava Lolli on white background

Best large wand sex toy deal

Ava Evo

$26.23 at Amazon
(save $3.76)

Ava Evo on white background

It’s always important to take time out for pleasure, whether that means spending some solo time or experiencing it with a partner. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and sex toy brand Ava, formerly known as Luna, wants to help you tap into that feeling in time for the most romantic holiday of the year.

As of Feb. 7, Ava is offering 20% off its entire Amazon storefront — that means all of its available sex toys — so you can save some cash when grabbing a new vibrator, clitoral stimulator, or whatever makes you tick. That means you can rack up on some great picks, including one of our favorites, the Ava Vivv wand, and much more, for less.

Take advantage of this sexy sale before it ends on Feb. 15, and grab something for you or your partner (or partners).

Best Ava sex toy deal overall

Mashable Associate Editor Anna Iovine named the Ava Vivv the “best vibrator under $30,” especially for new vibrator users. It’s also a great pick for experienced buyers looking for a cheaper wand to add to their collection. It’s light but surprisingly powerful, and it can use “intuitive memory” to pick up where you left off after your previous session. It’s an intelligent and inexpensive option that should suit most users just fine.

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Best dual-function sex toy deal

The Ava Lolli is a dual-function vibrator that’s a massager with a suction option for clitoral stimulation. It offers a variety of gentle pulses that you can ease in with and deep, satisfying vibrations to finish off, plus other patterns you can play with to see what works best for you. It özgü a sleek, contoured head that you can bend up to 50 degrees, and it’s super quiet at just 45 decibels. It might be quieter than you, which is always a plus when you want to keep things a bit more discreet. Powerful and pleasurable, you’ll want this bad boy at your side.

Best large wand sex toy deal

The Ava Evo massage wand goes beyond your everyday vibrator and adds a bit of texture to your massage. It özgü 20 different patterns with eight different intensities and uses “Intuitive Memory” tech that can recall your favorites and how often you use them. It’ll also last for a whopping six hours, so if you or your partner want to go long, you’ve got the option to do so.

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