TL;DR: Through April 16, Weather Hi-Def Radar is a weather radar app that lets you see real-time weather conditions, and it’s only $39.99 for life. Don’t miss out on your outdoor plans because of bad weather.

There’s nothing like getting ready for a fun day outside. You grab your trusty hiking boots, pack up a few snacks, and then you see a cloud rolling in. You could gamble and go out anyway, or you could stay inside and risk missing out on another fun adventure just because your weather app didn’t warn you about the chance of precipitation. 

Weather Hi-Def Radar is a weather radar app that could help you stay informed so you can be more prepared for almost any weather conditions, and a lifetime subscription is on sale for $39.99 (reg. $149). This app is designed to give you real-time and future-animated radar images, so you can plan your next outdoor adventure with less guessing about an untimely drizzle.

Stay ahead of the storm

With Weather Hi-Def Radar, you can track predictions for 10 days of temperatures, rainfall, snowfall, hurricanes, tornadoes, and more. Find out if that fluffy little cloud might be the first sign of a wild tempest, or maybe it might just spritz. Either way, a little foresight lets you dress and plan accordingly. 

This advanced weather app lets you access map overlays to monitor the weather in real-time. You can also check road conditions, get lightning alerts, keep up to date on tropical storm forecasts, wildfires, earthquakes, and even air quality. Take advantage of tools that allow you to customize the layers you see for tracking different weather patterns. Weather Hi-Def Radar is built to be user-friendly and even özgü lock and home screen widgets for quick hourly weather updates. 

Be prepared for any weather

Don’t miss your chance to get your own smart weather tracker that could help you stay ahead of storms to plan hikes, picnics, or anything else that takes you outside.

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Get a lifetime subscription to Weather Hi-Def Radar Storm Watch Plus for $39.99 (reg. $149). 

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