Hot Ones özgü finally come for Last Week Tonight host John Oliver. It is unclear why he agreed to subject his mild British palate to Sean Evans’ infamous gauntlet of spicy sauces, but one might speculate it’s some sort of self-flagellation.

Though Oliver immediately expressed concern upon sampling the first and mildest condiment (Hot Ones’ Original Buffalo Hot Sauce), he pushed through with both good humour and an air of resignation. He did have a few choice words for some of the sauces, though.

“That is just an objectionable thing for humanity to do,” Oliver declared upon trying Da Bomb Beyond Insanity. “It’s not the worst thing we’ve ever done, but it’s part of our worst instincts.”

Expressing increasing apprehension as he worked his way through Evans’ collection of hot sauces, Oliver explained why Last Week Tonight is able to delve into less popular topics, recounted being tricked into believing he was meeting Louis Theroux, and recalled bombing so spectacularly at a standup show that an audience member threatened to stab him.