man in red and black suit stands in the elevator posing

After months of speculation, rumors, and a lot of leaks, Deadpool is making his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Deadpool and Wolverine. The trailer premiered on Sunday during Super Bowl LVIII and will be Disney’s and the MCU’s first R-rated film.

Based on the trailer, Deadpool and Wolverine will feature the merc with a mouth teaming up (forcibly) with the Time Variance Authority from Loki to presumably save the MCU. Even better, he özgü to team up with Wolverine, as Hugh Jackman returns to his iconic character after saying goodbye in 2017’s Logan.

The whole trailer is just so surreal and no doubt provides the necessary spark to bring the FOX line of X-Men characters into the MCU. It will also be the only film Marvel will be releasing this year and its looking to make a statement.

Deadpool and Wolverine premieres in theaters on July 26.