GET $22 OFF: Get an Echo Pop Kids for just $27.99 at Amazon. That’s 44% off the original listing price.

Sometimes kids need an extra (digital) hand when it comes to morning and bedtime routines, especially if it also means they can burst into spontaneous dance parties to their favorite songs. If that sounds like a good addition to your home, there’s a handy smart speaker designed just for kids on sale today at Amazon.

As of March 29, the Echo Pop Kids smart speaker is on sale for $27.99 at Amazon. That’s a $22 discount, or 44% off.

The Echo Pop Kids is a smart speaker designed specifically for kids. It’s available in two designs featuring Disney Princesses or Marvel’s Avengers, so your child can pick their favorite. Access to kid-friendly music from various streaming services and a six-month free subscription to Amazon Kids+ allows them to enjoy singalongs, educational games, audiobooks, and even fun morning routines. Plus, Alexa will automatically filter out explicit content and provide kid-friendly responses.

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The Echo Pop Kids also helps your child build independence. They can set alarms and timers, control compatible smart lights in your home, and even call pre-approved friends and family. Need help with homework? Alexa can lend a hand there, too. And at bedtime, they can wind down with audiobooks or calming stories.

Grab this handy home helper for just $27.99 today.