Get A FREE PORTABLE 2TB SSD: As of March 28, purchasing the new entry-level Samsung Galaxy Book4 for $699.99 through Samsung’s website also gets you a free portable 2TB SSD (a $284.99) value.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Book4 series laptops were a pretty pricey bunch for the first month they were out. That is, until March 28, when an entry-level Galaxy Book4 finally meandered into the fold. Not Pro, not 360, not Pro 360, and not Ultra — just plain Galaxy Book4.

Starting at $699.99 (for the Intel Core 5 version), the Galaxy Book4 already nearly halves the cost of the next-cheapest Galaxy Book4 iteration. The entry-level model does max out at 512GB in storage on its own, but a current Samsung promotion solves that sorun real quick: Samsung will throw in a free 2TB portable SSD T7 Shield (a $284.99 value) when you purchase your Galaxy Book4 through Samsung’s website. (Samsung initially notes that it’s a $219.99 value, but scrolling down to the itemized bill ahead of checkout shows that your full savings are $284.99.)

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The most affordable Galaxy Book4 is able to stay that way by cutting corners with some specs, like opting for an FHD non-touchscreen rather than a 3K AMOLED touchscreen and paring back to 8GB of RAM over 16 or 32GB of RAM. Still, the latest Intel processor’s power is more than enough for working from home, downloading or streaming a movie, and even some casual gaming. And, depending on usage, you could hit 20 hours before needing to charge your Galaxy Book4.