The second story in the Final Fantasy VII Remake series is almost here, with Rebirth set to release on Feb. 29 — but you can watch an exhilarating 11-minute demo of the RPG already.

In the video above, released Tuesday, you’ll join up with Cloud and the gang through all those stunning regions — in Grasslands south of Midgar, through the Junon metropolis, the resort town of Costa del Sol, the glitzy Gold Saucer, and more. You’ll get a good look at the gameplay, characters, abilities, combat, and party dynamics, and the developer says it’s “fleshed out some of the minigames”.

Plus, you’ll get to peek at Rebirth’s elevated, PS5-ready graphics and visual modes, as well as a listen at the newly recorded music for the game. There’s a bigger preview over at IGN if you’re keen for more.

Haven’t played the first Final Fantasy VII Remake? Check out Mashable’s review.

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