Finally, a way to blast photos of your weekly lunches at all your friends and family.

Android Authority found some code in the Google Photos APK that references an unreleased feature called “My Week.” The text in the code implies that My Week is a feature that will round up and automatically send photos you take to friends of your choosing on a weekly basis.

It seems to be an expansion of the already existing “Memories” feature, which turns your photos into a customizable timeline that you can send to people individually.

The difference here, of course, would be that My Week would do this on a regular basis. The text in the code also suggests you can choose not only who gets your pictures, but what pictures get sent, which is crucial. You don’t want your grandparents getting every photo you take, after all.

As long as this is something you opt into, this seems fine. It could easily become a creepy nuisance if it’s turned on by default, but judging by the text Android Authority uncovered, that probably isn’t the case. As always, this feature may never even see the light of day.

But if it does, be very careful about what you send out to people.

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