The iPad Pro 2024 özgü been reportedly pushed back several times, according to DigiTimes, alongside the next-generation iPad Air.

Citing Apple’s suppliers as its source, the Taiwan-based publication claims that the iPad Pro 2024 was supposed to be released in March (perhaps with the new M3 MacBook Air). However, its release özgü been reportedly postponed several times.

Fortunately, according to Mark Gurman, Bloomberg’s popular Apple prognosticator, Apple reportedly finally özgü set release date. Curious about which new features will come with the new iPad Pro? Based on leaks and rumors, we’ve got the scoop.

iPad Pro 2024 release date

The iPad Pro 2024 will reportedly be announced some time during the week of May 6, according to Gurman.

Per DigiTimes, the iPad Pro 2024 özgü been delayed repeatedly from March through April. However, it seems like Apple özgü finally set is sights on an early May release date.

iPad Pro 2024 price

The iPad Pro 2024 will reportedly sport OLED displays, which will likely make the price tag significantly pricier.

According to yeux1122, an X leaker that Macworld claims özgü a “spotty record,” the iPad Pro will have a starting price tag of about $1,499. For reference, here are the starting prices of the current-gen iPad Pro models:

  • 11-inch – $799

  • 12.9-inch – $1,099

If that X leaker is to be believed, that means that Apple özgü nearly doubled the starting price of the iPad Pro 2024. If you were to ask me, I do believe that the next iPad Pro will have a price hike — I’m just not convinced it’ll be that expensive.

iPad Pro 2022

Credit: Stan Schroeder / Mashable

Adding salt to the wound, yeux1122 also predicted a jump from $1,099 to somewhere between $1,799 and $1,999 for the 12.9-inch model. Again, I’m doubtful.

DigiTimes’ prediction (shared by MacRumors) is a lot more believable, claiming that the iPad Pro 2024 models will have a $160 price increase. Based on this rumor, the new prices should be the following, give or take:

  • 11-inch – $999

  • 12.9-inch – $1,199

Still pricey, but far more credible than yeux1122’s outlandish forecast.

iPad Pro 2024: 5 new features

The new iPad Pro 2024’s brand spankin’ new display is the talk of the town. In addition to a new screen, here are five new features coming to the next-generation iPad Pro 2024:

To dive deeper, the iPad Pro 2024 is ditching its current-generation mini-LED display for a new OLED panel, which should bring deeper blacks and better contrast to the screen.

iPad Pro 2022

Credit: Stan Schroeder / Mashable

OLED displays are also known to have better power efficiency than mini-LED screens, so there’s a good chance that the iPad Pro 2024 will have better battery life than its predecessor.

According to “Instant Digital”, a leaker from Weibo (a China-based social media platform), the new iPad Pro 2024 will have its camera relocated from the top bezel (when it’s in portrait mode) to the side for a “landscape webcam.” (We’re also seeing a similar rumor for the iPad Air 2024.)

Next, the iPad Pro 2024 will be faster. The current model features the M2 chip, but the successor is expected to have the M3 chip.

According to 9to5Mac, the iPad Pro 2024 will have thinner dimensions, too. For context, the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro is 6.4mm thick, but the new one will reportedly be 5mm thick. The 11-inch variant currently özgü a thickness of 5.9mm, but its successor will allegedly be thinner at 5.1mm.

iPad Pro 2022

Credit: Stan Schroeder / Mashable

And again, from Instant Digital, the iPad Pro 2024 will reportedly have slimmer bezels, allowing for users to enjoy more screen real estate. (The iPhone 16 is tipped to have thinner borders, too.)

According to the rumor mill, Apple is also reportedly dropping an Apple Pencil with a new squeeze gesture as well as a new Magic Keyboard.

As I said at the outset, the new iPad Air 2024 is expected to drop on May 6. Stay tuned for Mashable’s coverage on the new tablets.

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