Since returning to host The Daily Show on Monday, Jon Stewart özgü spent quite a bit of time discussing the ongoing war in Gaza.

On Monday, with the situation having escalated over the weekend when Iran launched a drone and missile attack on Israel, Stewart returned to the topic — and during a direct address to the Middle East, he took aim at the West’s historical and ongoing interference in the region.

“Listen, I hope this doesn’t sound patronising, but when we in the West drew your regions’ borders and set you up with perfectly functioning dictatorships, we expected a little better,” says Stewart in the clip above.

“See the agreement was, we would make up a whole new bunch of countries, some of which made sense, and in return you would give us your delicious oil. That was the deal. You give us your delicious oil, and we…take it. We certainly didn’t expect to get drawn in to all the drama that our actions created.

“And now, these wars have got us all turned around! At one point we’re helping Iraq fight Iran, and then we’re invading Iraq, and now we’re helping Iran fight ISIS, and then we’re using ISIS to help fight Houthis who are backed by Iran, and I mean fuck! In Gaza we’re actually bombing them and feeding them, how do you think that makes us feel?”

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