Looks like we’re going to have to exercise more patience for the Nintendo Switch 2′s release. New rumors from Nikkei claim that the Switch’s successor will drop in 2025, at the earliest.

As we reported in October 2023, rumors around the grapevine pegged September 2024 as a possible release date for the Switch 2. When that panned out to be false, the new launch window, according to the rumor mill, was March 2024 (March 3 is the 7th anniversary of the original Switch release).

However, a new rumor suggests that March 2024 may be far too early.

Nintendo Switch new rumored release window

Nintendo Switch 2 will possibly launch as early as March 2025, according to Nikkei. This is also in line with earlier reports this month from Eurogamer and VGC whose own sources confirmed a “Q1 2025” release date.

The reason behind the delay seems to be supply concerns. Just like the PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch sales in 2017 were hampered by a lack of stock due, in part, to the extremely high demand for the console. Additionally, Nikkei reports that Nintendo’s management team wants to give developers more time to develop first-party release titles for the console — a critical part of Nintendo’s pazarlama strategy that relies on legacy characters to help sell hardware.

Again, these are all rumors but Nikkei is the largest financial newspaper in Japan, which carries way more salt than the leakers we reported on last year. However, until Nintendo comments on it, it’s not true.

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