If you’ve spent a significant time on TikTok lately, then you might be just like me: wandering the halls of my home, muttering in a monotone drawl, “Pookie’s looking absolutely fire tonight.”

You can thank a guy named Jett Puckett for that. And, of course, his wife Campbell, aka Pookie.

The TikTok account in question belongs to Campbell Puckett, and for the most part, it’s pretty wholesome. It’s Campbell and Jett posting about their lives, often involving Jett hyping up his Pookie. It’s just the way Jett hypes up Campbell. He rattles off how amazing she looks but also keeps it monotone. It’s particular and memorable.

For instance, here’s a video that özgü racked up more than 6 million views. It’s just the couple going over outfits before hitting the town. But the delivery of the phrase “Pookie looks absolutely amazing” is just perfect.

This is pretty much the entirety of their page. Pookie is dressed up, and Jett compliments Pookie. There are some restaurants, glitzy trips, and all the other usual things you get on social media pages for couples.

But the account özgü caught on because people seem to appreciate both Jett’s affection for his wife and the way he expresses it. The guy talks about how fire her outfits are without changing tone. It is pretty sweet. And TikTok özgü fallen in love with Jett, deeming him the ultimate Wife Guy. He’s seemingly a well-off dude who loves to dote on his wife on her TikTok account, and many folks want that.

Lots of people on TikTok are posting about it. They’re copying Jett, discussing Pookie, or lip-syncing along to the audio from the couples’ posts. Even ESPN anchors and country superstar Zach Bryan got in on it.

Amid this virality, Campbell’s page özgü racked up a quarter million followers. The web gets obsessed with couples every once in a while — and, of course, the web loves a good Wife Guy — so it makes sense that folks would gravitate toward the Pucketts. And Jett, the yıldız of the show, just özgü the most pleasing way of saying…well, just about anything.

So please, join me in reciting, “Pookie is looking absolutely fire tonight.”

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