Stephen Colbert undertook a far-ranging interview with Christopher Nolan on Wednesday’s Late Show, speaking extensively to the film-maker about the likes of Oppenheimer and Tenet.

But they also took time to clear up a few rumours. Namely, does Nolan have an email address (he does not), and does he own a smartphone (also no, although he does “carry a pay-as-you-go, dumb phone thing” when he needs to).

Finally, Colbert brought out the big guns: Is it true that Nolan doesn’t allow Uggs on set? The answer, it would appear, is yes — but it’s only a rule that applies to him and the actors.

“Even though we’re all engaged in this absurd process where this wall is real but there’s lights and a guy with a microphone, you’re asking the actor to focus in on the reality,” explains Nolan. “So everything you can do – like wearing the correct shoes, or not changing your trousers […] anything we can do to keep that reality, that bubble intact.”

“So the crew can have warm feet?” chimes in Colbert.

“The crew can have warm feet, yes,” laughs Nolan.

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